No. artist title format description artwork stock
MR 001 Antracot Deep Sea cdr

limited 24 copies, german power electronics

sold out
MR 002 Antable Remix Of Deep Sea cdr added sounds and remixed track from cdr "deep sea" by Ichiro Tsuji,
style is abstract with some hard noise.
normal edition lim. 24copies
special edition lim. 12 copies
(2 cdr(remix track cdr and original track cdr) in synthetic leather bag )
sold out
MR 003 Angel Of Decay Implements cdr

this work is heavy dark electronics of Jonathan Canady.
Originally released in 2003 as a demo limited to 25 copies.
this cdr was re-mastered and included a bonus track(remix) by Ichiro Tsuji
normal edition lim. 24 copies, special edition lim. 6 copies
special edition cdr included 2 bonus tracks ! and synthetic leather bag

sold out
MR 004 Atrox 100.000 Knives cdr

limited 24 copies, german noise-industrial, 6 copies were made by synthetic leather bag.

sold out
MR 005 Errare Humanum Est Brightness Of The Darkmatter cdr

limited 24 copies, german harsh noise with progressive composition.

sold out
MR 006 Syncope Alternative 3 cdr

limited 24 copies, breakcore-industrial from Austria.

sold out
MR 007 Maurizio Bianchi Dark Plastic cdr

famous and great composer from Italy.
this work is original tracks from work "Ankoku Busshitsu".
normal edition limited 40 copies,box set 10 copies.
this release included A4 poster,pin badge and artist autograph with cdr.

MR 008 Sacher-Pelz Salz Her Pec cdr

Sacher-Pelz is side project from great composer Maurizio Bianchi.
first edition is 34 copies. (black color of dvd slim case)
second edition is 16 copies. (clear color of dvd slim case)

sold out
MR 009 Easy Bake Oven Ominous cdr

EBO is a new U.S. composer.
He manipulates DSP flexibly and produces a new sound. The work "Ominous" give a horrible shock in the electronic music field.
It's Not noise music,This is great electronic music. Limited 30 copies.

sold out
MR 010 Andy Ortmann Eye Of The Beholder cdr

Andy Ortmann is a experimetal U.S. composer.

sold out
MR 011 M.B. TMCTB cdr

Track sourced from a cassette tape from Come org. archives around 1981.
(limited 50 copies)

sold out
MR 012 Sacher-Pelz Cainus cdr

re-release of the famous work "Cainus", limited 30 copies.

sold out
MR 013 Sacher-Pelz Venus cdr

re-release of the famous work "Venus", limited 30 copies.

sold out
MR 014 Sacher-Pelz Cease To Exist cdr

re-release of the famous work "Cease To Exist", limited 30 copies.

sold out
MR 015 Sacher-Pelz Velours cdr

re-release of the famous work "Velours", limited 30 copies.

sold out
MR 016 Syncope CorteXtureS cdr

The work "CorteXtureS" is a remix of tracks by Dissecting Table. Limited to 30 copies.

sold out
MR 017 Taos Hum LRAD.5 cdr

Taos Hum is a side project of Syncope and Aetherfront. Limited to 30 copies.

MR 018 Sacher-Pelz PANDEMUS cdr

Limited to 30 copies. The comment is as follows from M.B.
An invisible enemy held all of humanity in check about a century ago,
and it is doing so today.
Man has proved powerless in the face of this mortal enemy, just as he is powerless today
in the face of the inevitability of future events that will lead him to the inevitable annihilation
of individual and collective consciences.iGOSPEL OF LUKE, CHAPTER 21, VERSE 11j

MR 019 M.B. T.A.M.B.C.S. cdr

This work was decomposed at Mectpyo studio in 1981.
Limited to 30 copies.
This work is an archaic version of his work "Symphony for a genocide" released by Sterile records in 1981.


Limited to 30 copies. The comment is as follows from M.B.
This nucleic recording dates back to 2007, and had remained hidden in the atomic archives until its recent rediscovery,
keeping its modulatory waves and electronic pulses unaltered.
The listener will be pervaded by the surgical paroxysm for a sidereal journey into the smooth world of untitled psychosis.

MR 021 Sacher-Pelz meets M. B. Sacher-Pelz meets M. B. 2cdr

This work is the newest recording of M. B. and Sacher-Pelz.
Limited to 30 copies.
CD cover artwork are some artistic panels that hang in the bedroom of his home in Opera.
While M. B. is more spiritual and meditative and its sounds are evocative Sacher-Pelz is more carnal and impulsive and its sounds are more raw.

MR 022 M. B. ULTIMUM cdr

This work is the newest recording and final work as M. B. ULTIMUM of title means "LAST". Limited to 30 copies. The comment is as follows from M.B.
When you write an epitaph on your grave,
the temptation is to write a famous phrase that lasts over time, demonstrating the yearning for eternity.
Instead in the case of MB, there is no epitaph or famous phrase, but only a simple description of its own non-existence,
which is why the meaning of the title is simply "last", because "the last will be first and the first last"
(Gospel of Matthew, chapter 20, verse 16).

MR 023 M. B. ULTIMUM Box Set cdr,dvdr

This box set inclued a CDR,DVDR(24 bit wav file),badge and autograph.
Limited 10 copies.

MR 024 ex->tension The Kiss cdr

Noise rock unit of Ivan Nahem(Crop, Swans, Ritual Tension) and Gregg Bielski(Eas Bake Oven).
Limited to 30 copies.


PREFACE by M. B. :
When I began exploring the decadent universe at the beginning of the seventies,
I felt the fluidity of my neuronal stroke and tried to spot myself in the subtlety of this polished context.
Then, when, towards the end of the seventies, I penetrated into the industrial opacity,
I discovered a technological galaxy that blended well with the unaesthetic past so as to finally create a well-delineated amalgam of sound that does not deviate from the essence of the psycho-futurist experimentation in the "decatrial indusdence".


Comment by M. B. :
The exploration of boundless space has always intrigued the human being, while probing the meanders of the human mind has always stimulated scientists, but none of them has ever bothered to find a connection with the exploration of the sound universe, until about 50 years ago the first "couriers of the cosmos" made a concrete journey investigating, with the use of electronics, unknown and hidden worlds. This work, "KOSMISCHE ERKUNDUNG", is the celebration of that event and the exaltation of a vigorous result in the sonorous inspection of the hidden meanders of the human mind.
Limited to 30 copies.

MR 027 Sacher-Pelz TYPPJARJTYPAP cdr

The work is dedicated to the approximately 50,000 people who had to leave urgently the city of Pripjat' in Ukraine in the spring of 1986, due to the disaster at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. Today Pripjat' is a ghost town and its inhabitants have never been able to return. Previously unreleased work recorded two years ago. Limited to 30 copies.

MR 028 Cosmic Breed Reverse Hostile Takeover / 2021 cdr

Cosmic Breed is a collaboration between Syncope and Virgil Enzinger from Salzburg, Austria.
The Project was founded in 2013 and so far had many Releases on the Underground Label System Breakdown Recordings.
Cosmic Breed has a unique style of Electronic Music, combining dark space atmospheres with industrial dark, heavy beats.
Their latest work is the 8 Track Album "Reverse Hostile Takeover" , 70 minutes of pure dark space frequencies. Limited to 20 copies.

MR 029 M. B. Genophony for a Symcide cdr

It is now established that every day we have to live with the excessive power of the mass media and their firm determination to annihilate the minds of the community, which consequently finds itself living with superficiality, stupidity and empty deception both in the social and artistic fields. This work aims to awaken sensitivity and make individuals aware of their right to exercise the divine gift of free will, without coercion of any kind.? But unfortunately the victims of this "technological genocide" increase day by day, and their fate seems to have been sealed, but "Genophony for a Symcide" will be able to give the necessary incentive to continue the struggle until the apocalyptic epilogue.
Limited to 30 copies.

MR 030 Government Alpha Divine Brontide cdr

Government Alpha is a noise artist from Japan. The artist has released many works under the independent label, Xerxes, the label of the United States, and Europe since the 90s. Although the style has not changed over the years, it is still powerful. The sound pressure of the composed and recorded tunes always overwhelms the listener. Although it is harsh noise, it is constructive work and includes an element of electronic music.
Limited to 40 copies.


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